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What makes a top online betting site? This is the question you are most certainly asking, no matter if you are just getting into gambling or being an experienced betting veteran. With so many online sportsbooks out there nowadays, it’s getting hard to weight-in the options. Well, let us make the decision much easier by clear cut criteria for bookmaker comparison. It’s only two simple steps from there. Step one – pick up the factors and features which make a bookmaker good and are important to you, read the expert reviews, take on and see how fellow bettors are rating the bookie. Step two – enjoy improved betting experience by ensuring an educated choice of trusted sportsbook, taking advantage and value by using the site’s vast amounts of betting resources to further enhance your winnings and maximize your return.
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User Rating

Undoubtedly user rating is one of the most important criteria for finding a good bookmaker. The ability to judge on feedback of fellow bettors based their personal experience and knowledge makes it your best bet, if not a sure bet, in choosing a legit online sportsbook. Surely there is a reason why betting companies such as bet365, betfair or Pinnacle are so popular among peers. A high user rating usually signals that the bookmaker grades high in most categories and offers an all around great product – from competitive odds, solid promotions, betting features, trustworthy and safe with personal details, sure to pay out winnings, and let’s not forget that good reputation builds slowly over time.

Free Bets

One of the ways bookmakers use to attract and retain new customers is through bonuses. Betting Bonuses are an enticing feature since they allow you to enjoy your favourite games without using your own real money. You can even use the bonus to test out the site and the games they offer. You will find that most bookmakers offer welcome bonuses to new customers. When choosing a bookmaker, you will need to compare the bonuses they offer. You should also consider if the bookmaker offers regular promotions to reward its existing customers. One of the bookmakers with a generous welcome bonus is Betfair. Other bookmakers with generous bonuses and promotions are Coral, Betfred, Comeon, William Hill, PaddyPower and BoyleSports.

Mobile Site

With advancements in mobile technology, people now have the ability to enjoy many of the activities they can do on their desktops while on the go. Most betting companies clearly understand this, and it is why they have a mobile site or app version of their sites. This is to ensure customers have the flexibility to enjoy the services of the bookmaker while on the go. When choosing a bookmaker, you will need to consider if they have a mobile site and how it performs with some of the most popular browsers in your device. This is to ensure you can enjoy seamless play and functionality from a site that is highly responsive and performs optimally. In addition, you should consider if the bookmaker provides a real money betting app version. While most bookmakers have mobile sites and apps, bookmakers such as Paddy Power, William Hill, bet365 and betfair rate highly.

Live Betting

Having the option to place live bets is now an essential part for most bookmakers. Punters want the option to enjoy their sports and place live bets as the game is going on. This is a fantastic way to ensure customers have a definitive experience as well as having options to be able to maximize on their earnings. When choosing a bookmaker, you should browse the selection of games they offer for live betting. This is because you will find that some bookmakers offer an extensive selection of live betting markets than others. It is also important to consider the live betting options a bookmaker offers. For example, you should consider if the bookmaker offers detailed statistics for their live betting events. This is to ensure you have access to important information which you can use to inform your betting decisions. Some of the best live betting bookmakers are betfair, Unibet, Paddy Power and William Hill.

Live Streaming

With many bookmakers offering in-play betting, many punters are now finding it necessary to be able to stream their favourite events as they happen. Bookmakers are now offering live streaming to ensure their customers have a complete gambling experience. When choosing a bookmaker, you may need to assess their live streaming options and the events they offer. Some bookmakers may also require you to have a minimum balance to be able to stream live. Others, on the other hand, may require you to place bets if you want to stream an event live. You should also consider if they give you the option to stream their games live on their apps. This option allows you to enjoy your favourite events while on the go. You should also consider the quality of their live streams to ensure you enjoy a seamless live streaming experience. Some of the best Live Streaming Bookmakers are Unibet, BoyleSports, William Hill, Comeon, Betfair, bet365 and Sportingbet.

Odds and Markets

With the numerous bookmakers in the market, the need for competitive odds could not be any bigger. It is important to choose a bookmaker that works on small margins. In addition, it is important to choose a bookmaker that offers rates at their advertised odds. This is because you may find a bookmaker that advertises fantastic odds, yet when a customer places a bet, they do not receive their bets at the advertised rates. It is advisable to first place a small bet to see whether the bookmaker really offers its rates at the advertised odds. When you are choosing a bookmaker, you will also need to consider the markets they offer. You will find some bookmakers have an extensive selection of markets. While not all bookmakers will have this wide selection of markets, it would make sense to choose a bookmaker that offers the sporting event you are most interested in. you can get some of the best betting odds and competitive markets at Paddy Power, Unibet, Betfair, BoyleSports, bet365 and betfair.

Website Design

Since you will be visiting your favourite bookmaker from time to time, it is vital to choose one that has a decent design. Bookmakers are finding it necessary to have a well-arranged and logically designed betting website to enhance the gaming experience of their customers. Customers need to find their favourite events with a few clicks. This is especially important when making live bets. Customers also need a site that is clutter free, yet have the ability to have access to all the sporting events on offer. The design of the site is also of particular importance when a bookmaker has a mobile site or app. A logically and well-thought-out design will mean customers have access to the events they are searching for with just a few clicks. It is also important to consider the responsive and performance of the site. This is because some bookmakers’ sites experience downtime, especially during peak hours. When it comes to the design of their sites, some of the bookmakers that stand out are Betfred, Betfair, William Hill and Boyle Sports.

Customer Service

When enjoying your favourite sporting events, you may encounter some problems. You may find that you want to contact a bookmakers customer care to have the issue reviewed. Therefore, bookmakers strive to have excellent customer care services to ensure they can cater for the needs of their customers in a quick and satisfactory manner. When choosing a bookmaker, you will thus need to choose one that offers excellent customer care services. Most of the bookmakers offer 24/7 customer care services to ensure their customers get help at any time. Furthermore, you will also need to consider the communication channels available from your bookmaker. A top bookmaker will have a live chat option, which allows you to directly contact them and receive an instant response. While most of the bookmakers have excellent customer services, Paddy Power, betfair, William Hill and Boyle Sports seem to rate highly among many users.

Cash Out

Any punter placing bets will always want to get the most out of their bets. This is why most of the bookmakers have  cash out betting as an option. With this option, a punter has the ability to close their stake at any time when the event is in progress. This option allows customers to claim a certain percentage of their potential winnings although it would be less than what would have been won at full time. It allows punters to reduce their losses by claiming part of the stake if they feel their bet is losing. Therefore, when choosing a bookmaker, you may need to consider the percentage of cash out they give, and the terms and conditions for this option. You will also find that some bookmakers offer a partial cash out option. This means your bet will be split into two, a running one and a cashed out one. This allows you to cash out a percentage, and leave the other one running to enhance your chance of winning big. PaddyPower, Unibet, bet365 and betfred seem to rate highly when it comes to cash out.

The Best Bookies When It Comes To Payment Methods

Payment methods can make a solid difference when choosing a bookie. Depositing and withdrawing are a vital part of dealing with bookmakers and directly can affect your betting experience. With so many available payment options available and with the rise of e-Wallets – there is an extra aspect that requires your attention. While the most traditional way – using debit or credit cards – stays a top of popularity and is virtually accepted everywhere, different types of bookmaker payment methods certainly have own strong points and benefits to offer.

It would be a major concern issue if a certain bookmaker does not support widely used and established e-Wallets, such as PayPal for example, which bring many advantages like quicker processing times, no transaction fees, no limits do deposit or withdrawal amounts. You can see detailed information per bookie for all major payment methods filtered below.


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The Best Bookmakers When It Comes To Sports

When choosing a bookmaker, you will most likely choose one that offers the sports you are interested in. You will find that most bookmakers offer a wide selection of sporting events. Which is the deciding factor to choose the best betting company when it comes to sports then? Most bettors will point to getting the highest odds and sports depth coverage – such as supporting minor leagues and tournaments. But there are also factors like the diversity of betting markets supported, live-streaming, sports specific bonuses. As with anything in life, some bookies will offer better sports betting services with more features and higher quality than others and we made sure to point them out.

Betting Tips – Top Matches

Looking for free tips? You have found the right place! Here you can see predictions for major sports events, covered and updated on a daily basis. The predictions are free, even though they are made from our team of betting experts which puts a lot of effort into researching, analyzing and comparing stats. These daily tips on popular events on sports like football, basketball or tennis and would give you the edge in placing profitable bets. Please note that even while these predictions are expertly crafted and analysed and will greatly increase your chances of winning, you should not solely rely on them and expect a 100% success rate.

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