Bonuses for Basketball At the Bookmakers

Basketball is rapidly turning to one among the most popular sports to place a bet in the UK. The National Basketball Association (NBA) hosts the sport across seasons thus opening many basketball betting prospects which basketball betting sites exploit. Various UK bookmakers offer various basketball bonuses in a try to win more players and new customers into basketball betting. In the lead is the 10Bet where new customers are given up to £100 bonus. Further, the new betters earn a free bet and a deposit bonus on a minimum deposit of £20. However, these free bets may get restricted on betting for a specific match. Other bookmakers include the Royal Panda which offers a free bet of up to £20 bonus, Unibet which only requires the players to bet at least £20 and earn a £20 bonus. BetBright gives £25 bonus and an allowance to play with £70 on placing a bet worth £20, not forgetting Bwin which gives £10 back-up wager bonus.

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How to Choose the Best Basketball Betting Sites

If you want to bet on basketball, it is good to take your time and choose the best bookmakers for the game. The ideal sportsbook should provide you with a wide coverage of the sport around the world and give you many markets for which you can bet. Besides, it should be an operator that offers quality service in terms of fast payouts, customer service and ease of placing bets. Ideal bookmakers also provide high odds for different basketball markets and provide opportunities for punters to bet on live games. Here is a look at some of the essential features.

Available Betting Markets

The availability of several markets helps improve your betting experience. This is because you have a broad range of options at hand. Therefore, when analysing a game, you can look at all possibilities and still find a market that touches on the prediction. Besides, the presence of several markets does not limit you to unfavourable options that may increase the chances of a loss.

Basketball Market Prices & Odds

Your odds determine how much you would earn from your bets. Bookmakers have control over the odds that they give various markets and selections. Therefore, when making a choice, look at the bookmaker that offers the best odds on average or the markets you are interested in. You may use odds comparison sites to find brands with the best odds for given markets before selecting the website to join. When combined with several markets, you get a wide choice of highly paying selections.

Basketball Betting Sites

Basketball Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Promotions give you a chance to earn more from your selections without adding new games or your stake. Scroll the internet for sportsbooks with various bonuses that you can use on basketball games. The bonuses can range from odds boost, cashback offers and free bet offers, among others. Most of the reputable sites offer one of the bonuses to their new customers. Check for bonuses from websites that meet all the other conditions listed in this section.

Basketball Live Betting

Live betting allows you to view the games in question before you risk your cash on them. The ideal bookmaker should offer good odds for live betting markets and avail several markets in the section. Besides, all of the games available in the pre-match section should also be available in the live gaming section. Look at several bookmakers, especially during a tournament and see the information and games available on the live betting section.

Mobile Betting

You are most likely going to place your next bet using a mobile device. Look for bookmakers that give excellent sports betting experience on mobile devices. If you are a regular punter, go for a site with a mobile app so that you can make your bet with a few clicks. However, a platform with a sleek web-based mobile sportsbook can also do. Ideally, the mobile platform should be easy to navigate without the need for zooming in.

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Bet Types Available in Basketball

There are several types of bets based on various types of markets. It is always good to pick a site that offers several options so that you are able to choose one where you stand the best chances of winning. Some bookmakers allow you to play more than a single type of bets on the same game. This could increase your profit if you have the right prediction.

Race to points

Just as the name suggests, race to points is betting on the team that reaches a given number of points first. For example, in NBA betting, you can pick a race to 20 points. You win if your selected team becomes first to get 20 points. The beauty in the market is that it does not matter what else is going on in the game or which team is going to win. As long as your team hits 20 points, you win.


This market is also called outright or straight bet. In this bet, you select a team on which to bet as the winner of the match. This is the most popular bet type in basketball betting. It is usually the first option that you get under any game. However, it is riskier than many other markets in this review.

Spread betting (Handicap)

A handicap market usually involves imposing a disadvantage one of the teams by placing a condition that it must meet for the bet to win. In this case, the favourites for the game get negative figures. This market is common where one side has significant advantages over the other. Spreads can be placed on the halftime or divided into periods. These points may vary from one bookmaker to another. The best basketball betting site is the one that offers spread that increases the odds significantly.

Winning Margin

This market is similar to handicap in that you place a limit for your selected team above which the bet is considered to have won. The margin can be anything as low as ten, 20 to 50 points. However, this depends on the selected market. When betting on this market, you usually pick a favourite team and determine how many points they can get over the opponent.

Over/Under Total Points

The total points market is ideal for cases where it is hard to determine the winner of a match. Therefore, you determine the total points that will be generated in the game. This will be a combination of points earned by each team. However, you will not be estimating a definite figure but determining if points will go above or be below a set number.

Basketball betting

Popular Basketball Leagues and Tournaments

Tens of basketball competitions happen around the world from time to time with the NBA as the most famous one. They also run around the year. Therefore, you have the chance to bet on basketball at any time and season. However, these are some of the most popular tournaments that have a following around the world. This list provides the details of each competition, where it is played and other facts you need to know as a bettor.


The NBA is a professional basketball sports league played in North America. It is one of the major competitions in the world and comprises of 30 teams from the USA and Canada. The league starts around October and runs up to April the next year. NBA betting provides all the markets available for sports betting and most bookmakers have good odds for most of the markets. Therefore, it is one of the most popular with punters.


NCAA basketball is a college basketball league governed by several collegiate athletic bodies. Each body has several conferences that divide the teams into groups depending on the location of the schools. Each conference has a tournament that leads up to the NCAA tournament. This gives schools a chance to compete against others in their locality and winners from other parts of the country. This tournament is the second most popular in North America after the NBA.


This league is also called the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. It is a professional basketball league played among European countries. The league was introduced in the year 2000 after replacing the FIBA Euroleague. It is played by 18 teams, each playing 34 games. The top eight teams in the regular season face each other in the play-offs. Each of the four winners fights it out for the finals with a play-off game to find the third and fourth positions.

Basketball Champions League

This is an annual league for clubs across Europe. It is organised by the International Basketball Federation and was begun in 2016. Fifty-six teams battle it out for the trophy, but only 32 of them make it to the regular season. The regular season plays from October to January with the play-offs happening in February. Finals are played in the first week of May. The league is the second biggest in Europe after the Euroleague.


Strategies for Betting on Basketball

Basketball betting requires adequate researching and strategising. Have a look at the team’s schedules. Pay close attention to how various teams make their points as it is an indicator of consistency by watching previous games. Try weighing the 3-pointers against the points in the paint to determine the susceptibility of the team getting too cold streaks. In-Play is perfect for basketball wagering and failure to find significance pre-match, it is recommendable to wait until the match gets to in-play. One ought to have the patience and discipline in waiting for the bookmakers to give the odds and re-form the bets.

Team blown out in their previous match are likely to show their actual talent and still get favoured with the substance that the basketball betting sites like. Look for the big home underdogs for they are likely not to bear the shame of losing on the home ground with the many local fans. Always keep a close watch for the moving streaks by the sports betting experts and get on the opportunity that the public creates.

Pick the games for value and best odd. With lots of games ongoing, lines with mistakes are likely to occur. The lesser the game popularity, it is likely the smaller the time taken on their respective streaks, handicaps and props set. The profits will be as a result of the knowledge an individual better gathers about the league. It’s always good to bet with your mind and not the heart.


When getting started on basketball betting, select the game to bet on. Then use stats of either team to determine possible performance. With an estimate in mind, look at the best market in terms of low risk and good odds. Then, determine the amount to bet and place your bet. Do the same for multibets or accumulator bets. Users may use odds checkers or comparison sites to get the best basketball betting site for your selected market.

There are no better markets in basketball betting than the rest. All that matters is if you have made the right prediction and if the market has good odds. It is good to compare various markets against your predictions and pick the one with the best combination of probability and odds. This increases your chances of a win and possible returns.

NBA is a professional basketball league that is played in Canada and the USA. This is one of the most popular basketball competitions that run from at the end of the year to early next year. Thirty teams take part in the competition, most of which are from the USA. If you pick one of the basketball betting site offers, you can bet on the league with the bonus.

These lines work the same as NBA spread bets. In this case, a plus and minus sign denotes whether a team is the favourites or the underdog. These numbers are usually presented with increments of half a point. Here is an example; if team A has -3.5, it means they are expected to win by 3.5 points. However, if they have +3.5, it will mean that they will lose by 3.5 points.

There are a few rules that apply to basketball betting that you may not find on other sports. When it’s a totals tie and a selection of no draw is made, this bet is voided. Unlike football, overtime counts for all the markets except if that relates to the quarters and halves. Besides, a winning margin market is based on scores from scratch and not a handicap.

When predicting the scores of any game, look at the defensive and offensive efficiency of the team in question. This helps you determine likely scores and points to the opponent. Then, check the venue of the game. As in most team sports, most teams tend to perform better in the home ground than in neutral or an away ground. It is also good to check if the teams have met in the past and the outcome of the matches.

Oddspedia is the best basketball odds checker. It has tons of information and features to help punters find sites with the best basketball welcome bonus and best odds. You can use their odds comparison feature that selects websites with the highest odds in every selection. The platform has all the possible markets in basketball. Therefore, you should get the best sports betting site for any selection. Besides, it offers comprehensive team and player stats to help punters analyse various players and teams for betting.

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