Top Motorsports Betting Sites

Betting sites are specialising in select sports by maximising the coverage and bonuses they provide to users. To that effect, more bookmakers are embracing motorsport racing as a game of choice. Below are some of the popular motorsport bookmakers in the betting market.


Bwin covers all aspects of motorsports betting from NASCAR to Motorbikes. The density of games depends on seasons and time. From all over the world, all motorsport games feature on Bwin. Sometimes, there are occasional promotions across the board that apply to motorsports betting. They are mostly pegged on reloads.

The biggest bonus applicable to motorsports betting is the welcome bonus. Create an account on Bwin and follow all registration requirements. The bonus amount and proceeds apply to motorsport markets and if lady luck strikes, you can go home with good returns.

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Owing to its expertise and coverage, Betway is a significant player in motorsport gaming. It gathers races from all corners of the world. Markets are carefully selected according to their demand, with special pointers. Just like other sportsbook games, features such as odds boost and cash out apply.

Also, proceeds from the sign-up bonus apply to motorsports betting. However, there are no special bonuses for motorsport gamers. That notwithstanding, proceeds from the common bonuses are sufficient and if well utilised, they can reap in good winnings.

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1XBet does not have an operating licence to operate in the UK. However, in other countries, it has a lot of offers for motorsport lovers. From the welcome bonus offer to the accumulator bets, 1XBet offers a variety of options to motorsport gamers.

A single race has over 80 markets with competitive gambling odds up for grabs. The markets are a collection of races gathered from all over the world among the motorsport games. Look out for exclusive 1XBet offers and boost your chances of winning.

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Motorsports Bets Explained

Unlike ball game betting markets, motorsports betting lists unique markets, thanks to its setup. Although they are not common, they are not difficult to comprehend. The majority of motorsport betting markets listed on bookmakers revolve around the position, duration and margin between two race cars. There is also a provision for unfinished races, and it attracts sizable betting odds. Below you will find some of the motor sport concepts and how they apply in gambling.

Fastest Qualifier

On a race track or a speedway, the decision to select which car starts at what position culminates from the fastest qualifier selection. The race cars have different strengths, which designates their starting place on the track. To get to such a decision, a series of qualifying races determine the position from which individual participants will start.

Winning Margin

The difference in time between the race winner and the 1st runners up (second place driver) is the winning margin in motorsport racing. Due to the speed and spontaneity, the difference the first and the second place might be in seconds or even tens of a second. Stakes on such betting markets give a range from which the difference lies, basing on previous races.

Winner of a Race

As the name suggests, the driver/car that finishes first is the winner of the race. As opposed to other finishing positions in motorsports betting, it singles out the first car or bike to cross the finish line. It is the most common market in motorsports betting, as it is easily analysed based on past performances.

Podium Finish

The bet gives the bettor a leeway of the top 6 cars finishing in a race. If the bet has to stand, the selection must appear in the top 3. This idea is borrowed from the podium finish among other sports disciplines. Owing to its stature, the bet is common among bettors in motorsports betting.

Driver Match-Ups

As motorsport drivers start to dominate the tracks, two drivers are singled out. The bettor has to pick which one of the two will come out first. Such betting markets are common in Formula One since it is easier to pick the top 2 drivers. It also helps in singling out the winner if they do not know the other participants.

Non-Finish Bet

The bet singles out a car that might not finish a race, irrespective of the reason. Although it seems like an easy bet, the race track and speed can create multiple cars that won’t finish the race. The mystery in it makes the market more valuable in the long run.

Prop Bets

These are bets set on various activities within the race that have less effect on the overall performance. A good example is the fastest lap, which is the least time taken by a driver to go round the race track successfully. There are other prop bets designed based on the race and participants.

Best Motorsports Betting Sites

Motorsports Betting Tips & Strategies

Before placing bets on any motorsport market, there are some factors you need to consider. They are mostly personal, although there are some natural elements. Gambling may be a game of probability, but analysis help in narrowing down on a decision. Please note that these elements do not guarantee a win but improve your chance of winning.

Use statistical data

These are records of past races, with specifics on time, car specifications, overall position and how such information relates to other races. If you tally such data, it gives you a direction that points to a probable outcome. Comparing this information with that of other participants, you have a head start in the choice you make. Numbers never lie, especially if gathered over a big period of time.

Check previous performances from the race driver at the track

Besides normal numbers, there are some interpersonal data you need to get hold of to show the driver’s ability. They focus more on the driver than any other element in motorsports racing. It monitors their prop bets, which significantly determines the race outcome. Probabilities such as race-winning, race conclusion and podium finish and fastest qualifier become clear. Such information can be found on bookmakers’ statistics page or various punter sites.

Read race previews

Before any race starts, there is a background analysis of each driver and how they perform. You may usually find it on the website of the competition. Each site has its own analogy based on their interpretation. It is advisable to search for a neutral site, preferably the championship official website. Look at the statistics and compare them with the driver’s recent form, giving you a rough idea of what to expect.

Weather conditions matter

The gaming field for motor racing is roads. Race tracks can either be earthen or tarmac, basing on the type of motorsport. Earth roads may be muddy, deep and slippery, which can affect the overall driving speed. Tarmac tracks are slippery and can cause skidding. Look for a driver who can manoeuvre well in slippery conditions. Also, windy, rainy and hot conditions can affect the overall performance of the race vehicle.

Grid Position is important

Where a driver starts the race is also important as it gives a head start. If your preferred driver is on the front line, it might help in pace-setting as the race goes underway. However, there are explanations on where each motor vehicle starts on the grid. Follow the news to know where your driver might start off in the race beforehand. If you succeed, more winnings await.Best Bookmakers for Motorsports Betting

Major Motor Racing Betting Events

The term motorsport brings together at least four individual racing disciplines. They are different in their own sense but share a mechanical approach, racing on mechanically moving objects. Each has its separate laws based on its operationalisation. Below are some of the most common motor racing events and their contribution to sports betting.

Formula 1

It is one of if not the largest events in motorsports betting. There are over 21 Grand Prix circuits across the world, which assemble the world’s fastest cars onto a track. Over the years, the F1 championship has seen the consistency of some of the world most-renowned racers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. More circuits like Vietnam are coming in, which means more betting options. As technology develops and race tracks increase, Formula One will turn into a betting frenzy. It will not only showcase the speedy cars but attractive take-homes from the multiple betting markets available.


Although the sport is popular in the United States, its influence is rapidly growing outside the country throughout the world. NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) brings out modified and fine-tuned vehicles to race. Their drivers are professionals with a wealth of experience in both terrain and speed. Unknown to many, NASCAR is older than Formula 1, but its growth and legalisation have taken a while. From February through to November, there are various NASCAR events, ready with betting markets and betting odds. Their spontaneity invigorates the game and adds more value to the betting odds and a significant following across the betting world.


It is the 2-wheel motor racing comprising of motorbikes. Its speed and formulation are the same as that of Formula 1. Thanks to its speeds, winning any MotoGP race makes the rider one of the fastest in the world. As competitive as it comes, the speed and thrill make the races engaging and wholesome. Currently, there are 19 MotoGP events in the world, with more coming in the foreseen future. The sport has produced recognised names such as Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, although more riders are catching up. The most popular betting market in MotoGP is the race winner.


The WRC (World Rally Championship) is the pinnacle of motor racing and it is drivers’ ultimate trophy. However, with the introduction of other forms of motorsports, its influence began to go down. The Rally Championship is spread throughout the world on all continents. The race events are spread evenly across the year, with every continent designated a special month, a good example being Australia in Octobers. The rally goes through deserts, wetlands, the savannah and the highlands to give an all-dimensional rally driver. It is these conditions that make the winner the most respected among the Motorsports fraternity.

Other Motorsport Options

The Indy 500 (Indianapolis 500) is an annual motor racing festival held in Speedway, Indiana, United States. Drivers go 500 miles, which is approximately 200 laps around the Speedway.

Bathurst 1000 is a 1000 kilometre (621.5 miles) supercar racing held annually in Bathurst, Australia. The supercars go 161 laps around the Mount Panorama circuit, which totals to 1000 kilometres. The event is held every October.

Formula E is a new generation racing championship comprising of electric cars. These single-seater vehicles depict the future of racing and are a great proponent of new-age racing.

Main Factors in Motorsports

For those who are new to motor sports, there are various factors bettors look into when understanding the sport. These factors, eventually influence betting markets and how gamers bet. They are either personal (single or collective) or natural. Some of them include:

The Drivers

The base unit of every motorsport racing is the driver. How skilled, experienced and analytic, they determine how well they will perform. To ensure that your bet stands a high chance of winning, look through the driver’s history and their general output in every race. Based on what you find out, stake accordingly.

The Teams

The motor manufacturer enters into motorsport competition as a unit to boost their chance of winning. They include McLaren, Mercedes, among other brands. Teams come into play based on the efficiency of their vehicles and how it helps them secure victory. The more times a team wins, the more royalties and accolades they receive from the race organisers.

The strategies

Motor racing is a game of calculations and efficiency. The driver should know when and how to accelerate, especially where it matters. Weather conditions also must be considered. Windy, rainy and muddy tracks affect the vehicle’s balance, causing skidding and instability. When and how to accelerate is a matter of principle and strategy.

Motor Racing Betting FAQ

Numerous betting websites list motorsport as an event. However, if you need competitive betting odds on motorsport markets, consider signing up with popular operators such as 1XBet, Betway, bet365 and Bwin. They have one of the best odds value in the market.

Yes. It falls in the same category as ball games, whose outcome is arrived at using human activity. The probability of winning comes from consistently observing a driver’s performance. However, other factors could approve or disapprove of the assertion, hence the probability notion.

Some sportsbooks have betting bonuses whose proceeds are used on motorsport markets. On special occasions, there are odds boosters or special reload bonuses exclusively for motorsport events. Watch out for such offers on bookmakers who have motorsport as one of the events.

Traditionally, Formula 1 starts in early July of every year and runs through to mid-December. There are approximately 21 Grand Prix events to be covered during a season. However, depending on special occurrences or natural calamities, the races might be postponed.

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