Reasons Why Asian Handicap Betting Has Become So Popular In the Last Few Years

Betting through Asian Handicap has become quite popular in the last few years for many reasons. It provides a handicap to the weaker team in a football match and this, in turn, brings the odds closer together. Since the odds are much closer, more betting opportunities are created and this results in a greater opportunity for wins and a lot more excitement for bettors.

Conventional 1X2 betting on football offers three outcomes. Those are win, lose or draw. The draw is not as much of an exciting option in football. It’s not much fun to place your money on that outcome. With Asian Handicap Bookmakers, the draw option is virtually eliminated so you are left with guessing and betting on more exciting results with each match. There’s no sitting on the fence. You generally have to choose a side.

Traditional 1X2 football betting only offers three types of bets in any match that you’re interested in and that also limits your earnings. You have greater opportunities to win really big with Asian Handicap, though. You have fantastic odds which may result in major upsets.

Bettors also like the increased opportunities for managing risk that come with utilising the Asian Handicap. They can utilise quarter bets, also known as two way bets. These split each wager into two plays. Doing that helps the bettor to balance the size of bets on potential outcomes.

While you can win big with 1X2 betting, generally speaking, Asian Handicap Bookmakers offer more of an opportunity to profit on each wager that you make on any football match. The general odds payout is a whopping 97-98%. While 1X2 betting’s average payout is good, at 92-93% it is much lower than what is possible with Asian Handicap betting. For example, with a draw no bet (DNB) if you placed a bet of £200 on Manchester United to win 0:0 AH at 1.80 odds, if Man United win, you win £200 X 1.80 = £360. Your profit is £360-£200=£160.

Types of Sports and Matches in Which Asian Handicap Betting Is Offered

Asian Handicap Bookmakers generally offer the opportunity for punters to bet on football matches. This is more due to the popularity of this particular type of Asian handicap betting, than any other reason. It makes betting on football much more exciting for fans of the game.

You can bet on almost any game with Asian Handicap. You are not limited to football. However, it is usually easier to bet on games that are similar to football in terms of their points allocation. For example, rugby games are often bet on with Asian Handicap. You can also make a profit betting on games such as basketball or tennis.

Bookmakers That Offer Asian Handicap Betting

All bookmakers in the UK do not offer Asian Handicap betting. However, it is a fairly popular alternative so there is a good chance that your favourite bookmaker may provide it on the games that you like betting on. Some of the leading bookmakers offering this option are Pinnacle Sports, and William Hill. Other popular bookmakers which offer this option online include:

These bookmakers offer the good odds which are available with Asian handicap betting.You can keep playing as well, without any limits being placed on your activity.

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Reasons Why Some Bookmakers Do Not Offer Asian Handicap Betting

Some bookmakers in the United Kingdom do not offer Asian Handicap betting in their portfolio. There are several reasons why they make this decision. However, the chief one has to do with the amount of profit that they can make. There are lower margins in this type of betting and even bookmakers that do offer it find that it does not contribute as much to their gross income as traditional 1X2 betting.

Special Limits on Asian Handicap Bets

There are no special limits laced on Asian Handicap Bets. You are free to bet any amount of money that you choose, just as you would with traditional sports betting. However, there are some bookies that do not offer Asian Handicap Betting.

The Difference Between Betting On 1X2 and Asian Handicap In the Different Bookmakers

There is a significant difference between betting on 1X2 and Asian Handicap in the different bookmakers. You have a greater chance of winning when you bet on a football game using the Asian handicap. This is because there is virtually no draw present. The bettor also takes less chances because their probability of winning is much higher. When you bet using 1X2, you are more open to risk. In Asian handicap betting, you can manage each wager so that you are less likely to lose.

The Most Common Asian Handicap Abbreviations You Will Find in the Websites of Bookmakers

These are some of the most common Asian Handicap abbreviations that you will find in the websites of bookmakers. They include:

  • O/U, which means Overs/Unders and applies to punters betting on the total goals that will be scored in a match
  • AH, which stands for Asian Handicap
  • DNB or Draw No Bet, which means a game starts without an advance given to either team

Tips for Optimizing the Profit When Betting on Asian Handicap Matches

The following are great tips for optimizing the profit made when you are betting on Asian Handicap matches. These will work with different bookmakers, so you can apply them with your favourite bookie.

People who have only bet on football and other sports using traditional betting may initially feel that is complicated. However, once they see how well they can manage risk with it and that their chances of winning are much greater, they quickly learn to make the most profit using this system.

Focus On Getting Past Your Handicap – Basically, in order to maximize your profit, you just need to focus on getting past your handicap. For example, if you bet on Chelsea -2.5, all you need to win is for Chelsea to score 3 goals more than the opposing team.

Bet While the Game Is In Play – Betting while the game is in play gives you an opportunity to win even more. For example, you could trade during the game and gain a profit by using the Asian handicap market to your advantage. Some people also use the Asian handicap market to predict results in the traditional market.


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