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Now you can easily earn some money and at the same time enjoy some exciting football by deploying strategies for M88 Asian Handicap Betting. M88 is one of the established and recognized gaming companies in Asia. M88 is a fully licensed online bookmaker that provides a wide range of football markets. The odds of matches are displayed in a lucid manner so that bettors would not face difficulty in selecting them. The operation of a sports book is similar to that of major financial trading companies. It signifies that the odds, which are offered would be the same as betting exchange. More than hundred sports traders hedge betting stocks. The prime aim of the bookmaker is to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, it has set up 24- hour customer care facility for sufficing queries.

What is the selection of Asian Handicap bets at M88?

Asian handicap betting is becoming popular nowadays as it provides many benefits to bettors. With this form of betting, you can win more bets as there are only two potential outcomes. You can place bets in a manner, which helps you to get back your stake. You can also win even if your preferred team loses a match.

In Asian handicap betting, two contending teams are assigned odds, which handicap one of the teams. The team, which is considered strong, is provided with deficit number of goals. The weak team is given a head start. The handicaps are expressed in fractions or whole numbers. The aim of the bookmaker is to set the odds so that each team can draw equal chances of winning.

When you use Asian handicap, you are betting on the capability of the weak or strong team for overcoming their handicap rather than betting on away or home. At M88, you can select a wide range of Asian handicap bets like Asian Handicap 0.5, Asian Handicap 0, Asian Handicap 1, etc to win fabulous prizes.

What are the Asian Handicap betting odds at M88?

At M88, bettors are required to choose between two possibilities each having 50% chance of winning. When you have placed your bet, it becomes easy to use statistics and determines whether the team is likely to win. The bookmaker offers the following Asian Handicap betting odds.

Asian Handicap 0.5

Here, the strong team is assigned -0.5 goals and the opponent is given a head start with +0.5. If you support the favorite team with higher winning possibility, it has to win with at least one goal. Then only you can win your bet.

Asian Handicap 0

You can place this bet when the contending teams have equal winning possibilities. You would get a payout when your selected team wins the game. If the match ends in a tie, then your stake would be refunded to you.

Asian Handicap 1

On placing -1 handicap bet on your preferred team, you win if that team wins the game by at least 2 goals. If you assign +1 handicap to your preferred team, it has to win the match. If a draw occurs, then your stake would be refunded to you.

Does M88 provide Asian Handicap bets at Live Betting?

Live betting has increasingly become popular since past few years. This kind of betting system provides you an opportunity to place bets while a match is going on. By seeing the match for some time, you can analyze the body language of each team and place bets accordingly.

Asian handicap bets are based on the outcome of the rest of the match after your bet has been placed. Generally, odds undergo changes throughout the game. When a team scores one goal before half time, its handicap odds become +2. As the match progresses, the odds would decrease or increase depending on the superiority during the game.

M88 is the best site to bet if you are looking live handicap bets, especially on football matches. The bookmaker offers a wide range of football markets and with M88 Asian handicap bets, you can win attractive prizes.

The way Asian Handicap bets are shown at M88

M88 has now improved the Asian handicap betting experience for all major leagues, which are La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A. On your wagers, you get instant liquidity with great value. At M88, team details are clearly mentioned. The handicap odds are assigned for every team. You just need to click at the odd and place your bet. Before you place your bet, you can analyze the past performance of each team. When a match progresses, the values of odds change depending on the performance of teams.

Are there any special rules for betting with Asian Handicap at M88?

Asian handicaps are deployed for reducing a bet to two outcomes. In a football match, Asian handicaps remove draw from the equation by assigning a goal value. In the beginning, you should opt for half goal handicap. You have to assign -0.5 handicap to the strong team and assign +0.5 goals to the weak team. If you support a strong team at one bookie and a weak team at Asian book, you can win at first bookie if the strong team wins. When you use Asian Handicap 0, it eliminates the draw from the equation. Therefore, you support both teams without assigning any goal. If a draw occurs, entire money is refunded to you.

Explanation and instructions for Asian Handicap betting at M88

Your first job is to open an account at M88 to bet Asian Handicap. Go to football betting section after opening the account. You can also take the assistance of “Live bet” support to learn about the odds of your favourite team. With M88 Asian Handicap, you get a good variety from conventional betting.

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