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Not sure where you shall place your NFL bet on an NFL betting site? Worry no more as most of the best bookmarkers offer NFL betting. They allow you to wager on all available NFL games while offering the best available odds.

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nfl betting

What is the National Football League (NFL)?

For starters, the national football league is the topmost tier in the professional American football league. It comprises 32 teams from equally divided conference leagues known as the AFC (American football league) and the NFC (National Football Conference).

A regular NFL season starts in September and stretches for a total of 18 weeks and ends in January, where teams from their respective conferences battle it out for a top spot. After the regular season is over, seven of the top teams in each division proceed to the playoffs.

The playoffs are a series of single-leg knockout competitions where the teams face off to book a place in the final that is known as the Super bowl. The Super Bowl is usually a matchup between the champions of NFC versus the champions of AFC.


NFL rules

For a person new to NFL games and NFL betting, NFL rules might first look tough to understand. However, the opposite is quite true, as once you understand the fundamentals of the sport, it becomes very easy and enjoyable to follow and bet on NFL betting sites. Below are some of the rules that should help you with NFL betting on various betting sites.

  • An NFL match comprises of two teams, each fielding a total of 11 players.
  • Each match comprises of 4 quarters, each running 15 minutes.
  • A total of three time-outs in each half is allowed for each team.
  • There is a half time interval of 12 minutes between each half
  • The whole point of the game is to successfully move the egg-shaped ball to the opposition’s end zone by either running with it as you get tackled or passing it to a fellow teammate.
  • An NFL team is actually made of 45 players, even though only 11 from either side are fielded at a time.
  • A quarterback is one of the most vital players on the pitch as he is the one responsible for dictating play on the pitch

NFL teams

At this point, I know you are probably asking yourself which team has won the most Super Bowl titles? After all, NFL has a number of great teams, and it is normal for others to have enjoyed more success than others. Getting to know about the various teams in NFL is vital in NFL betting on the different betting sites.

Some of the teams that have successfully lifted the Lombardi trophy numerous times in the super bowl include New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, and Green Bay Packers.

Due to the tournament’s single-elimination format, we haven’t really witnessed the domination of one team like in other sports like soccer, and that is why a number of different teams have won the super bowl. Below is a shortlist of teams that have won the super bowl the most times.

  • New England Patriots – 6wins
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 6wins
  • Sanfransisco 49ers – 5 wins
  • Dallas Cowboys – 5 wins
  • Green Bay Packers – 4 wins
  • New York giants – 4 wins

Betting markets – what can you bet on?

NFL betting on NFL betting sites, just like any form of betting, is basically a gamble, and it is almost next to impossible to make the correct prediction every single time. However, it is quite possible to improve your winning chances by understanding the various betting markets on NFL betting sites. Below is a detailed guide on the various NFL betting markets on NFL betting sites that shall help you increase your winning chances when you bet on NFL games on the different betting sites.

Bet on the winner

Also commonly referred to as the money line, this is one of the easiest markets of NFL betting to understand and wager on NFL betting sites. In this betting market, you simply pick a team that you think is going to win the match. In most betting sites, however, the hot favorite normally has lower odds meaning you would have to wager more money for huge returns. However, if you can identify a promising underdog on these betting sites, you are more likely to cash in more very easily.


Often referred to as over-under betting, Totals in NFL betting essentially mean betting whether the total score of both teams playing shall be over or under a certain number on NFL betting sites. In this type of NFL betting, you are no longer concerned about who will win the game but only the cumulative score by the time the full-time whistle is blown in NFL games.

In Totals, an NFL betting site is the one in charge of setting the betting line depending on how they think the match will play out in terms of scoring. In order to be successful in this kind of NFL betting market, there are a few factors you should consider before placing bets on NFL betting sites. They include:

  • Recent defensive and offensive stats of both teams.
  • Injury reports precisely for vital players
  • Recent results from previous matchups


According to betting sites, a spread is defined as a handicap that is placed on a team and either favours it or disadvantages it based on the expected margin of loss or wins. Some of the common terms that are used to describe spreads when you bet on spreads on NFL betting sites are covering the spreads and beating the spread on NFL games.

Covering the spread in NFL games means wagging on your favourite team to win the game by more points than the stated line by the online sportsbook. Beating the spread on an online sportsbook in NFL betting, on the other hand, means betting that the underdog shall either lose or win by fewer points that are within the betting line. It is important, however, to note that a team can still beat the spread and lose the game at the same time.


Although a teaser in NFL betting is slightly advanced than the previously mentioned markets, it is surely gaining popularity and can account for up to 15% of all bets in NFL betting sites. Teaser bets give you the ability to adjust the spread of points on betting sites so that they end up being in your favour. Similar to a parlay, all your bets are required to go through for your teaser to win; however, you are allowed to move the totals and spreads line in order to lower the amount of risk that you are exposed to.

The most common teasers in NFL betting sites include 7, 6.5, and -6 point teasers. For example, if you select a 6 point teaser in NFL betting, it means the line will be shifted by 6 points in your favour.


Proposition bets (prop bets) is a market in NFL betting that is not only fun but also does not affect the outcome of the game in any way. Gamblers are allowed to cast bets on betting sites on technically anything that will happen on the pitch. An example of these kinds of NFL bets in betting sites is which team manages to score first on a match day.

During the super bowl, wagers can enjoy over 300 props in betting sites, and even those not accustomed to NFL betting can definitely try their luck. Below is a list of the different types of props you can bet on various betting sites.

  • Individual performances: This kind of prop betting on NFL betting sites allows you to bet on how a specific team member shall perform during the match. Good examples of this kind of NFL betting are how many yards you think a certain player shall throw or how many touchdowns you think he shall make.
  • Timings: This kind of prop betting on betting sites is quite common, specifically during the Super bowl. It allows wagers to predict the specific amount of time that event shall happen in the game. Good examples of this kind of betting include how long the national anthem shall be sung, how many minutes will go by before the first touchdown, or even how long the halftime performer shall stay on the stage.
  • First to do something: Here, gamblers are allowed to predict on the various betting sites which player shall be the first to do something in a team, like who shall score the first touchdown or who shall catch the first pass.
  • Totals at specific parts of the match: in this specific type of prop betting, players are allowed to predict the score or the margin of victory of a specific team either at the quarter mark or even halfway through the match on the different betting sites.
  • Futures bets: This is a common type of NFL betting that allows you to predict future events on betting sites like the colour of Gatorade that shall be spilled on the winning coach, who shall be the most valuable player, or even who shall win the championship.

Single, Combination, System bets

Just like most sports in the world, most of the bets placed in NFL games on betting sites are known as singles. Single bets mean that if you are allowed to wager you cash on one match, choose a team that you think shall win and are paid according to the odds that you picked. Although this kind of NFL betting on betting sites inherently does not involve a lot of risks, the rewards aren’t that great either.

For wagers that want to reap high rewards, combination bets in NFL betting are the way to go. Commonly referred to as parlay, this type of betting is quite popular in NFL and is offered not only by the best NFL betting sites but also most betting sites.

Parlay bets allow you to combine several bets in a row and predict their outcome at the same time. However, it is important to note that if one of the several bets placed doesn’t go your way and ends up in a loss, then the whole bet is off, which means you lose all your money. The exciting part is if you get all your predictions correct, the cashouts are much higher than single bets.

The best NFL Teams

After getting the hang of the rules and the betting markets, next comes the all-important teams. NFL has a myriad of great teams that have lifted the championship trophy, but some teams have simply outclassed others over the years. Below are some of the best teams in the NFL that you can bet on at different betting sites.

New England Patriots

Arguably one of the best teams in the sports, the New England Patriots have dominated NFL games over the years. The pats, as they are commonly referred to, have managed to win many honours over the years, including 6 Super Bowl championships, with the most recent one being in 2018, 11 conference championships, and have emerged division champions 22 times in their history.

The pats have had the opportunity of having some of the best players like Tom Brady play for them, who, together with their head coach Bill Belichick worked together wonderfully to establish the club’s dominance.

Kansas City Chiefs

Also, a great team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs, have had a wonderful run and most notably the recent unfortunate defeat in the 2021 Super Bowl, where they were edged by the Tampa bay buccaneers. The chiefs have won the Super Bowl 2 times, declared conference champions 2 times, and have emerged division champions for a total of 13 times. With players such as the great Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs are definitely a joy to watch.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Commonly referred to as the bucks, the buccaneers is one of the only two teams in NFL history to be undefeated in several Super Bowl appearances. Despite their early challenges when they debut in the NFL, the bucks have enjoyed success over the years, with the latest one coming in the 2020 Super Bowl championship. This team has had several years of success in the sport, including 2 Super Bowl championships, 2 conference championships, and 6 division championships.

Which bookmaker offers the best NFL odds?

When it comes to NFL odds, it is really difficult to identify one online sportsbook that offers the best NFL odds in each of the markets. Most online bookmarkers in NFL betting handle each match differently from the others. What this means is, after an online do their calculations that are based on probabilities, they come up with odds that are inclined to reduce risk on their side. Basically, the best odds in NFL betting are down to personal preferences and the specific markets you want to bet on, as the differences from one bookie to another are often small. The best way to find the best odds in NFL betting is by having several betting accounts from different bookies and comparing the markets yourself.

Strategy and tips for successful NFL bets

While betting is simply making a prediction, your predictions have to certainly be calculated in order to cash in and not lose your money. Below are some of the tips and strategies that you could use in NFL betting to maximise your winning chances.

Home field advantage matters: According to NFL data, around 60% of teams normally win the match. This means before placing bets on NFL betting sites, it is important to check who is playing home.

Underdogs: While betting on the favourite team is always in our instincts, underdogs more than often end upsetting them. Underdogs usually have higher odds, and if you can identify a promising one, you are in for a big pay-out in NFL betting.

Live betting: Most NFL betting sites normally have this option that allows you to bet on a match that is already underway. This allows you to analyse the flow of the game to make a better prediction in NFL betting.

Injuries: Before betting on a match, it is vital that you check if important team players, such as a starting quarterback, have been injured as it could have an impact on the outcome of the game.

American Football leagues besides NFL

American football’s popularity has grown exponentially over the years and has made its way into other countries other than America. While NFL is the topmost level of NFL competition, there are definitely other sister leagues that NFL fans can enjoy and try their luck in NFL betting.

Canadian Football League

Unlike NFL, this league starts in June and ends in November, where the winner lifts the major trophy that is called the Grey cup. Matches here are played in pitches that are slightly bigger than American football pitches, which allows better offensive plays and is generally a fun match to watch.

Arena Football

This is an indoor version of football that allows more offensive plays and is very fast-paced. Each team is allowed to field only players, with six of them required to handle both defensive and offensive duties. Here the pitches are much smaller than that of American football.


This is a professional American football league that is currently made up of 8 teams. Here, the season starts in February and ends two months later in April. Each regular season is comprised of 10 games, with 4 of the best teams battling it out in playoffs for the trophy.

The best bookmakers for American football


Betway is arguably one of the best NFL betting sites when it comes to American football as it offers plenty of markets not only in America but also in Canada. Apart from that, it also allows live betting, something that other bookmakers do not offer. Some of the markets that they offer include prop bets, teasers, totals, and spreads.


Unibet is also a great option when it comes to NFL betting. It offers plenty of markets that include teasers and totals. What’s even better, you can bet on different leagues like the CFL, NCAAF, and even the NFL drafts. Unibet also allows you to stream the games as they are running.


When it comes to the widest variety of markets, then Betfair is the clear winner. With over 20 markets in most of the games, wagers have plenty of options to choose from before casting their bet. Some of the markets include money line, teasers, totals, and various interesting props to choose from.

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nfl betting

Pros and Cons of NFL betting


  • NFL betting is easier to bet on as the game can only end up in a win for either side.
  • There are plenty of interesting props to choose from in NFL betting, especially during the Super bowl.
  • There are plenty of games to bet not only during the regular season but also preseason and post-season during the Super bowl.
  • NFL betting markets are really easy to understand and bet on in an NFL betting site, e.g., Money line.


  • Games are slightly had to predict, especially in the Superbowl, which features only a single leg making it hard to guess who shall lift the trophy.
  • Large disparities in odds from various betting sites, which in turn require plenty of research on your side before NFL betting.

NFL Betting – the ultimate FAQ

NFL betting is definitely legal in the UK as long as the online sportsbook has a licence from the gambling commission.

NFL bets are offered by a majority of plenty of gambling companies in the UK. Some of the best NFL betting sites include Bet365, William Hill, Betway, Unibet, and Betfair.

The NFL is not related to either NBA, NHL, or MLB; however, these ‘Big four leagues’ often cooperate and work together in matters of business and legal interests.

The Super Bowl takes place each year and is normally played on the first Sunday of February. The best teams in the NFL battle it out to win the Lombardi trophy. This event enjoys a lot of bets on various betting sites.

10 teams met in Canton, Ohio, in 1920 and created a league known as the American Professional Football Association (APFA), which was later renamed the National Football league (NFL).

There’s a wide variety of NFL betting websites available in the UK, many of which we’ve listed right here! American football betting sites are usually fairly big names that specialise in a lot of sports, so if you’re already a fan of online sports betting you might even have a pre-existing account for one of them!

When it comes to betting on the NFL, many online betting sites might accept wagers when they’re not legally permitted to do so, for licensing or certification reasons. The top NFL betting sites will all be licensed by the Gambling Commission, so always be on the lookout for their certificate!

With so many NFL gambling sites all over, it can be incredibly tough to find the best one! For better or worse, though, there’s no such thing as ‘the best one’. Sports betting sites are all different – some offer more markets, others better odds, and others still extra features like live streaming. So research online sportsbooks and find the one that appeals to you personally the most!

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