What is the CashtoCode payment system?

CashtoCode is a type of voucher-based payment that lets users instantly make cash payments into their account through a point of sale. Using CashtoCode Payment, you can complete transactions online at one of the many retail locations in the UK.

To access the service, within the app or on the website, you are required to select a deposit amount, after which a barcode will be generated that you can use at any point-of-sale of your choice so that you can pay in cash and have your gaming account credited.

Amid the checkout process, your website/app will let you know if Cash to Code is a supported payment method. After ascertaining that it is a supported payment method, you can go ahead and enter your details to complete the transaction online. Make sure not to lose your unique code since you will have to share it with the retailer for your account to be credited.

Bookmaker Bonuses in the UK for CashtoCode Users

If you are an online punter based on the United Kingdom, CashtoCode provides you with a faster, convenient way to have your betting account credited. As such, this itself should be seen as an advantage that comes with using the service.

There is an array of bookmakers in the UK; most of them support using the CashtoCode method of payment. If you are using the betting site for the first time and use the first deposit method, some bookmakers will give you a welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus might come in the form of free cash or money backs. Thus, the reward you get from using CashtoCode depends on the UK-based betting site you are using. Therefore, we recommend that, before signing up, be sure to determine the bonuses provided by various bookmakers.

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How to Register and Verify as a CashtoCode User

The process is an easy one, and it works within seconds as long as you follow the right procedures. Remember, you don’t need an account to make payments using CashtoCode services. While you will be making payments via the internet, you won’t need any bank account, making it secure, easy, and fast.

The system lets you make payment of up to €400 in cash on supported betting websites. You don’t need an account to use the services means no verification process is required.

The service is put in place to help those looking to credit their betting accounts fast and conveniently. The partner retail outlets will scan the barcode, and they will make the payment instantly so that you start having fun making money on the internet.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money Using CashtoCode

When you want to make a CashtoCode deposit to your bookmaker account, go to the ‘Deposit’ section of your bookmaker account. Pick the CashtoCode payment method and key in the value you want to deposit. A code will be autogenerated and sent to your email or text on your Smartphone. Take the code to your CashtoCode outlet, and it will be scanned, and your bookie account will be credited with an equivalent amount.

However, the drawback is that with CashtoCode, it is impossible to make withdrawals from your betting account. Though you will enjoy a great anonymity level when making payments and withdraw funds, the bookmaker will need to verify your identity to protect you from money laundering and other sorts of fraud. Therefore, after making payments using the method, to withdraw your money, you will have to find other alternatives to access your money.

Is CashtoCode a safe way to deposit money with UK Betting Sites?

Once the pay code is generated, it remains valid for seven days. This implies that users don’t have to make payments instantly. It is a method that lets you credit your betting account without having to verify your identity, which is, to some extent, safe.

We are yet to hear any security-related complaint from those who are already using CashtoCode services. However, from the way it works and the process put in place, we are convinced that it is safe to deposit money with UK Betting sites.

If you check credible review sites, you will see that the CashtoCode payment method is reported to be safe and secure and that users don’t have to pay any fees to access the services. Therefore, it is highly advisable for you to give it a try and see for yourself.


Fees, Limits, and Withdrawal Times with CashtoCode

We have already aforementioned that the site provides credible services without taking any fees from the users. If you have decided to credit your betting account, state the amount you would like to deposit, and the same amount will reflect on your betting site without being charged any fee. Note that the service works instantly as long as you deal with a certified CashtoCode dealer in the United Kingdom.

The first limit is that once the barcode has been generated, it stays valid for a maximum period of seven days. Therefore, you have to use it before it expires. The other limit is that when using CashtoCode to make payments, you cannot go beyond €400. But we believe that this is subject to change, so you should keep checking periodically to find any differences.

To have the best experience using CashtoCode, we strongly encourage you to follow the guidelines put in place by the company in charge. Most of the time, the payment is processed instantly. But it might take longer if you do not see a CashtoCode retailer on time because they are the ones to scan the code and credit your betting account.

Mobile Betting with CashtoCode

Most betting companies require punters to only have one account with them. This is a requirement as you will get banned if you break it. This means that once you become a verified member of a given betting company, you can access their mobile website if you so wish, but you must not try to open a separate account for that.

If your betting company accepts the CashtoCode payment method, then you will not have a problem accessing their mobile website to make bets on the go. Once the code has been scanned, and your account is credited, you will see that the same amount of money reflects on your mobile website as well. You will still be able to access available features, including live bets, if available, and have a great time betting on your favourite matches and playing online games.

CashtoCode Betting Sites

CashtoCode Alternatives for Betting Online

If you are an avid online better, you must have realized that while CashtoCode is a great payment method, it might not have everything you need to have the best user experience. For instance, it only lets you deposit money, but you will not be able to withdraw them.

Therefore, you need to find alternatives that are safe and reliable. As such, we recommend that you try other methods, such as bank transfer, MasterCard Debit, Visa Debit, Skrill, PayPal, etc. These are payment methods that are great for those looking to deposit and withdraw money from their betting accounts.

When choosing an alternative to CashtoCode, you want to consider the benefits you will get from using them carefully. Some will only accept certain currencies, and some payment and withdrawal methods take too long to process. But the ones highlighted above are some of the best Cash2Code alternatives you should consider trying.

Pros & Cons of Using PayPal


  • No account creation - We are unsure why you might need to make anonymous deposits to your betting account, but if that is what you need, then CashtoCode lets you do that effortlessly. You will not need to create an account to access the services, and the retailer doesn't have to know your bank details to help you make cash payments, which is one huge perk of using the CashtoCode payment method.
  • Money regulation - If you are the type that struggles to gamble responsible, CashtoCode caps the amount of money you can pay each time, and that is a good way to help you gamble responsibly. For instance, at the time of writing, you can only do a maximum of €400.
  • Safe transactions - The process is safe and secure. This is also about you completing transactions without showing any of your details to the CashtoCode dealer.
  • Instant transactions - You will make instant payments and be sure that no one will use your personal information to hurt you financially.
  • No charges and fees - You will not be charged any fees to use the services, which is a good way to save money. With other payment methods, you will have to incur some fees, and the approval process might also be lengthy, thereby inconveniencing you.


  • Security Challenges - Though the payment method is deemed safe, carrying loose cash around makes you a perfect target for thieves. Note that the barcode will be scanned, and once that is done, for your account to be credited, you have to make payment in cash, which is not entirely safe.
  • Time-consuming - It is time-consuming to make payments. For instance, if many retail shops are trying to make payments, they will have to make a queue.

CashtoCode Betting Sites FAQs

There are many CashtoCode betting sites out there, and they have different features. Therefore, the best betting site is one that has the features and promotions you are looking for. These might come in the form of welcome bonuses, loyalty promotions, a wide range of betting markets, betting features, etc.

The betting sites accepting CashtoCode include FlipperFlip, Sportsbet.io, Sportingbet, Frank, Pibn-Up, 4StarsGames, Stake 7, Shangri La Live, JetBull, Syndicate, Boo, Megapari, Bwin, Casumo, VulkanVegas, Tipbet, Betzest and Empire. Since the terms of services might change, kindly confirm that they still accept CashtoCode payment method before signing up.

These betting sites accept the CashtoCode payment method, but they do have unique terms and conditions that set them apart from the rest. Therefore, before you sign up and complete the registration process, you must read and get familiar with their terms to prevent your account from being blocked.

Not all betting sites in the United Kingdom allow users to make payments through CashtoCode due to varied reasons. If you feel that CashtoCode is the only best way to make payments online, you can check the betting sites listed above.

However, it is not imperative to rely only on CashtoCode, especially if you want to use a betting site and realize that they do not accept that payment method. As long as you are using a credible website, you can still use other payment methods and gain full access to the services they provide.

You don’t even need an account to use CashtoCode in the first place. Your identity is not necessary to make payments online using CashtoCode. Therefore, you don’t have to verify your account before completing the payment process.

If you decide to play online and see if you can make money, follow the steps shared above and take your code for scanning, and you will be good to go. You will see that your account has been credited with the same amount of money and is ready to use.

Unless stated otherwise, most bets will let you enjoy free bonuses as long as you have made your first deposit. Also, if it is said that payments made via CashtoCode are eligible for deposits, then you can go ahead and claim yours.

In many cases, the deposit, once approved, will remain valid for a given period over which you must use it. Therefore, be sure to confirm this information right after you have claimed your bonus on the betting site. As long as you are qualified, be sure to claim your bonus as soon as your payment is processed.

There are no fees related to CashtoCode payments, which is why many punters prefer using it. Just say the amount you would like to deposit, and the same will reflect on your account.

However, CashtoCode payment cannot be used for withdrawal, and since you will use other alternatives for that, you will have to pay some withdrawal fees. This is seen as a major setback of CashtoCode payment, but we love that it is fast, secure, and lets you make payments anonymously. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to give it a shot.

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