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Asian handicap betting (Asian Handicap) refers to a type of gaming whereby numerous football squads get handicapped according to their current forms. At this point, the stronger team or that team whose players are in order will have to win with more than one score for you to win. This type of betting began in Indonesia although it has spread across the world with many gamers trying it out. Various sites provide their customers with an opportunity to place different Asian Handicap bets on preferred teams. 1xBet sports gambling site is among those bookmarkers. However, these Asian Handicap bets offered at 1xBet are not visible once you access the website. The other drawback is that they are only accessible for a limited collection of games. The site explains the way in which this kind of betting works, and the betting odds offered as well.

What is the selection of Asian Handicap bets at 1xBet?

Asian Handicap is where a tie outcome gets eliminated. In the typical 1X2 betting, the chance of every outcome is 33%. This form of betting offers you two options, betting away or on home. Therefore, you have a 50% probabilities of success. The market for these bets gives the loser a benefit preceding the match kick-off. However, in football, a single goal can alter everything in your favour.

What are the Asian Handicap betting odds at 1xBet?

The valuation of 1xBet wagering odds shows that the bookmaker gives exceptionally high payouts equal to 98.5% for all special events. The Russian-based sports gambling site offers Asian Handicap official odds set to a maximum of 93%. Once you place Asian Handicap for one bet, the bookmaker takes two. That implies that the wager with (+1.25) odds matches collection of two wagers on handicap (+1) and handicap (+1.5). The total of these separate bets corresponds with the sum of a half of the entire handicap just like Over/Under Betting. The winnings from all the handicaps will be equivalent to the total of win of the two wagers. Contingent on the outcomes, you can win both bets, win a single bet, get one of them refunded, or lose both bets.

The other thing you should remember when it comes to Asian Handicap at 1xBet is the accumulator bet computation. If the wager is an accumulator on Asian Handicap or a function of system bet, the site doubles the total variants. For instance, if you desire to place an accumulator bet or a system bet of €100 where two teams have equal chances of 3.25. Both groups have played the match, and the outcomes are 3-0. In this case, you will obtain 4 accumulators including >3.5,>3.5; >3.5,>3; >3,>3 and >3, >3.5. Therefore you will win €25 in your account by one system wager, but you will lose the rest of the bets.

Does 1xBet provide Asian Handicap bets at Live Betting?

1xBet allows players to bet on Asian Handicap on several live betting games. However, these opportunities are hardly available before the start of matches or in some games. The other issue is that the live matches where you can place these wagers are not visible the first time you access the site. You will have to click on separate live games on the bookmaker to get the live matches you can place the Asian Handicap wagers.

When you are betting Asian Handicap live on 1xBet, it means that you are lacing multiple or single bets only on the remaining matches. All the other goals scored previously when the game was in progress preceding to placing your wager will be immaterial for the outcomes of your bet. Whether you will win or lose will be determined entirely by the total goals scored after placing your wager.

In a nutshell, live betting on Asian Handicap, as well as the already existing selections, gives you an opportunity to win considerably at the bookmaker. You can use the available bonuses and the good chances for Asian Handicap to grow your earnings at the site.

The way Asian Handicap bets are shown at 1xBet

Handicap bets are available mostly for football wagers where ties occur frequently. Nevertheless, when it comes to these types of bets, there is always a winner. A favourite refers to the team against which you place handicap bets whereas the other group is called an outsider. While the tie gets removed as a variant, the Asian Handicap bookmakers typically place odds roughly 1.90-2.00 for these bets. These bets usually start from 0.25 to 2-3 goals front runner for one of the teams.

Are there any special rules for betting with Asian Handicap at 1xBet?

There are some special rules when you are betting with Asian Handicap at 1xBet. These guidelines describe how the real 1xBet Asian Handicap function on different results. There are various examples outlined on the bookmaker to show players what happens when your bet loses and when it wins. For example, the site explains how the total Asian Handicap are computed and settled. When you place such wagers, they get resolved as two independent bets at half the rate of the total of the two wagers with equal chances and nearest percentages of current totals.

Explanation and instructions for Asian Handicap betting at 1xBet

Once you sign up at the bookmaker to place Asian Handicap bets, there are various 1xBet bonuses you can utilise to win big. For example, once you register, you will get a 100% welcome bonus from 1xBet up to 100€ on the first deposit. For you to get this bonus, you will have to sign up at this bookmaker by filling out all the needed segments which you access through My Account segment. Once you log into this 1xBet, the next thing is to make the first deposit, and the site will automatically deposit your welcome bonus into your account.

Once you register at the bookmaker, you will also get an opportunity to benefit from the Cash Out offer extended by 1xBet. If you are nervous that the team you place your wager on might not maintain control in the final minutes or you are worried about the results of the final match in your multiple wagers, the 1xBet Cash Out plan is for you since it will assist you to get control over your wager.

There is a 1xPromo section as well which gives you an opportunity to win actual prizes without disbursing any amount. You can place bets on several different sports and win big in 1xPromo segment. As you continue placing bets on your favourite sports, you stand a chance of getting bonus points. Later you can redeem your points and then exchange them for game tokens or promo codes. The more you place your bets, the more you continue accumulating your bonus points and the more you get rewards from the site.

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